Elke Strate was born in Wolfhagen/Hessen/Germany and is now living as a mother of four sons in Langenfeld, a little village between Düsseldorf and Cologne. Her love already counted since the earliest youth for three things:
  • The contact with people and her love to children
  • Her predilection for figures and the logic of mathematics
  • And her enthusiasm for the creative things of the life.
    Mrs. Strate moved all three areas till this day. She seized the occupation of the educator and worked several years with big joy and a lot of application in leading position in a day-care centre in Cologne. Right at the outset the next social educational theory study broke off them for family reasons. However, her love to the children remained as one can see "4 sons" in the number of her children.

    Her mathematical abilities found application in private lessons and a business education which she concluded in 2003 successfully.
    At the same time Mrs. Elke Strate found in 2002 to her true passion, the painting. She educated further herself artistically and took lessons with different artists, like Sabine Bremer - Düsseldorf, Tina Borrenkott - Hilden, Helga Pollok - Langenfeld, Karin Boekholt - Iserlohn and Peter Seharsch - Lich/Hessen. She concentrated, primarily, upon the acrylic painting and placed and argues with the different technologies and creation possibilities intensely.

    Her painting style has changed in the course of the last years very much and became especially from her teacher, the painter Peter Seharsch stamped. His special technology comes with her pictures very much for carrying; however, she has maintained her own style, especially the choice of the strong and friendly colours. Preferentially she paints modern and in the abstract and the colours are brought side by side in contrast, however, also pictures in those the harmony dominates, are represented.

    Painting is for the artist like going down in another world in which one can switch off and be relaxing.

    Her feeling for colours and spatial subdivision helps her with the figure and sketching of art pamphlets and flyers. In combination with her logical thinking and her organization talent she plans and carries out successfully art events and organizes exhibits.


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